Part of Tabita Rezaire: Symbiose Immaculée

Peaceful Warrior

Tabita Rezaire

(France and French Guiana)
2015, Geode with video, 5 min. 39 sec.

Peaceful Warrior encourages people of colour to get in touch with their history, their ancestors’ knowledge and traditional philosophical wisdom. In a journey of spiritual healing we see a transformation from the ‘fierce’ to the ‘peaceful’ warrior. All this takes place in a hypnotic landscape of ancient Egyptian cosmology, wombs and floating vegetables, with Tabita Rezaire practising kemetic yoga, twerking with wild hip movements to release the power of her womb, and propagating a ‘decolonial diet’ as a way of healing the trauma of (colonial) memory. Peaceful Warrior is a self-help kit for radical self-love and balancing body and mind to wage a more efficient spiritual struggle.


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