30 October 2020
13:45 — 14:20

Location: IMPAKT main programme online

Talk //

Hello stranger.
For the IMPAKT Festival we invite you to delve with us into the obscure and tempting depths of #MEMEMANIFESTO.

#MEMEMANIFESTO is a transmedia project exploring the occult meanings and communicative potentials of Internet Memes. The project was born out of one simple idea: that memes are more than mere “funny viral images.” Clusterduck explores memes as important elements of new, online-based subcultures and as the founding stone of a new language for the digital age.

To understand the power of memes means to hold the keys to control the uncertain grounds on which our common social world is constructed. The project wants to affirm the importance and power of memes and give everyone the tools to harness this power.

#MEMEMANIFESTO was produced in the framework of EMAP/EMARE residency programme at IMPAKT, co-produced by Creative Europe. For the IMPAKT Festival, Clusterduck will present the results of their research during this residency.

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