2 November 2013
13:00 — 19:00

Location: Theater Kikker

Martin Ford, Khannea Suntzu, Jan-Hendrik Bakker and Kris de Decker – ‘Fruits of Our Labour’

In a very literal way, we make the world we live in. Through our work we contribute to the world, and provide meaning to it. Sometimes we do so in a very direct and tangible way, but often we perform our jobs inside grander projects we can’t oversee. Global supply chains, bureaucracies, and complex legal and technical frameworks are also part of the world that we create. Fruits of Our Labour are lectures that explore the relation between work, technology and meaning. With:

Martin Ford, who will show us how technology is shaping the economy of the future, and how this will impact on work. Ford reveals an imminent future where man becomes the least efficient element in the production process, a future where technology will be taking jobs, and not just the unskilled ones.

Khannea Suntzu will take us a step further down the rabbit hole. She will unfold scenarios in which technology will blur the boundaries between technology and nature, and between consciousness and artificial intelligence. What will be the economic rational is such a transhumanist future?

Jan-Hendrik Bakker will investigate humanity’s existential search for its grounds of existence. Bakker will explore the merits and possibilities of resisting our technology-driven consumerism. He will retrace the steps of hermits, freaks, poets, artists and philosophers who escaped the rat race and returned to a simpler lifestyle.

Kris de Decker reveals an alternate appreciation of technology. Instead of the chrome hi-tech magic that has captured today’s imagination, he will debunk the myth that there is a technological fix for everything. De Decker shows us how low-tech solutions hold an equal or greater promise than today’s many clean-tech and sustainable energy schemes.

Fruits of Our Labor is part of the Work Songs programme curated by Monnik.

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