Part of The History of the Sea

we are opposite like that

Himali Singh Soin

India – 2019
Video – duration 13 min

A cold fear sends shudders through Victorian England (1837 – 1901). Newspapers and printed illustrations speculate about a new imminent ice age that will invade the English shores — a glacial infiltration that will freeze civilization. In we are opposite like that, Himali Singh Soin takes us on a poetic journey to Arctic regions. She connects the age old anxiety of the intruding ice to another obsession from the same time: the colonial enterprise and the fear of the ‘other’. This is how Singh Soin creates a new mythology about the farthest reaches of our planet, told from a remarkable perspective: the ice. Accompanying our Arctic journey is an original score for string quartet, which mixes field recording with the melodic fragments of The Snow by Victorian composer Edward Elgar.


we are opposite like that consists of several components: in the festival exhibition you can also see a book and a second video work.


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