Hosted by a Public Domain

The tour starts with the launch of Linda Hilfling’s (Denmark) network intervention ‘A Public Domain/Een Publiek Domein’: a public wireless network, where words registered as trademarks in the National Trademark Registry are rendered invisible to the user. From there we will explore Utrecht through different on-site lectures and presentations.

French Artist Aymeric Mansoux (France) will introduce us to the paradox of the world of commons that is not at all a common. The militant schoolteacher Goodiepal aka the Århus Warrior (Faroe Islands) will share his next act of war on today’s computer music and media art, which now even includes promises of radical changes to the public through monetary gifts such as 500 dkr bills, blank checks or copies of his credit card. Swedish art critic Fredrik Svensk (Sweden) will give critical commentary on the concept of commons and public domains. Finally, from war machine drones to the familiar TeleVision set, Columbian artist Alejandro Duque (Columbia) will introduce us to satellite spotting as a call to electronic civil disobedience, culture jamming or noise.

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