Speed Dating Data Experience

by Ahnjili Zhuparris

3 November 2023
13:45 — 14:45

Location: Het Huis Studio 3

This data-collection and data-bias workshop offers a mix of discussion and hands-on learning. It is suitable for anyone interested in understanding the balance between data and human judgement. There are two sections: Data Collection Speed Dating and Battle of the Biases. 

Data Collection Speed Dating is a 30-minute, real-life exercise using limited clues in search engines to gather online data on your peers. Participants will be set the challenge of balancing rapid data acquisition with accurate insights to understand the profound impact of strategic online searches.

In the Battle of the Biases section, you will form teams and use the data you collected to explore how our biases can shape data interpretation, using a variety of hypotheses to interpret the same data in different ways. In this way you will gain insights into how preconceived ideas can shape data collection and interpretation, with an emphasis on the importance of objective analysis. 


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