Festival van de experimentele en aanverwante kunsten


The second edition of the IMPAKT Festival took place from 15 March to 19 March 1988 in Cultuurcentrum Ekko in Utrecht. From the introduction text in the festival booklet: “IMPAKT is a festival for experimental and related arts, that for five days wants to exhibit art that can be called experimental in terms of content or design” IMPAKT wants to be a platform for art that somehow is confrontational and whereby the viewer cannot assume art as information. For the organization counts willfulness and the urge to innovate more heavily than technical perfection. Besides works of starting artists and more experienced artists, retrospectives are also on the program. These are movements that remain worthwhile because of their drive for innovation and the qualities of their representatives. The programming at the IMPAKT Festival is kept as broad as possible: films (8 mm and 16 mm), video, installations, performances, multimedia performances and objects are all part of this festival.”

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