Festival for experimental art


The third IMPAKT Festival took place from 24 May to 27 May at the EKKO Cultural Center in Utrecht. The subtitle of the festival was shortened to “Festival for experimental art” The introduction of the program booklet describes the premise as follows “IMPAKT is a festival for art that can be called experimental in terms of content or design; art that is innovative in working methods or results.” At the festival people could watch videos of Bill Viola and the Yugoslav duo Beban en Horvatic and an exhibition of Anna Nigten in which se exhibited geomorphological studies. There were also film programs devoted to the synthetic film and the work of American film maker Paul Sharits, performances of Thomas Köner and Asmus Tietchens, and a performance Etant Donnés. Besides, there were installations, films and videos that were submitted by artists from home and abroad. Various foreign guests were present at the festival to give lectures and to talk or talk about their work.


Festival archive

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