Arjon Dunnewind

Arjon Dunnewind is director of the IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture in Utrecht, The Netherlands. He enjoys constructive controversy and sees art as the early warning mechanism that is essential to our current media-driven society. Arjon studied Fine Arts and Media at the Utrecht School of Arts from 1985 to 1991. In 1988 he organized the first IMPAKT Festival and in 1993 he established the IMPAKT Foundation. Arjon has curated exhibitions and screening programmes for amongst others the Museo de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires, the NCCA in Moscow, RURU Gallery in Jakarta, transmediale in Berlin and Ars Electronica Linz. He worked as an advisor for the Dutch Film Fund, the Dutch Media Fund and the Mondrian Fund.

Joost Rekveld

Joost Rekveld is an artist who is motivated by the question of what we can learn from a dialogue with machines. In his work, he explores the sensory consequences of systems of his own design, often inspired by forgotten corners in the history of science and technology. His abstract films have been shown world-wide in a wide range of festivals and venues for experimental film, animation or other kinds of moving image. He has realized several installations and was involved in many collaborative projects involving composers, music ensembles, theatre companies, dance companies and artist’s labs.

Since february 2017, Joost has been affiliated to the School of Arts, University College Ghent as an artistic researcher. As a side-effect of his artistic work, he has been putting together many film programmes about the history of abstract animation and light art since 1990, has been curating several exhibitions and has published a number of essays. He is a board member of Sonic Acts (Amsterdam) and of the Centre for Visual Music (Los Angeles).

Roland Speklé



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