Festival for Experimental Art

Filmtheater t’Hoogt 

The IMPAKT festival was held for the fourth consecutive year from May the 22th until the 26th. IMPAKT is a festival for art that can be called experimental in terms of content or design: art that is innovative in working methods or results. The program was kept as broad as possible: film, video, installations, performances and music. Various program components were explained by domestic and foreign guests.

Various installations were shown within this festival, including an installation by Aart Marcus in which he searched for synesthetic associations that lie in the electronic link between sound and image. Sound became image, volume became intensity and size & dynamics became movement. A variety of programs were also shown, including Derek Jarman’s ‘home movies’. Also known as his Super-8 movies that Jarman made in the 1970s. Just like last year (1990), the last day of the festival was dominated by the term “synesthesia”. This year, developments in this area in the Soviet Union were highlighted, from the early 20th century to 1991.

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