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Filmtheater t’Hoogt 

From November the 25th until the 29th , the Ekko cultural center organized the IMPAKT Festival for the fifth consecutive time. IMPAKT is a festival for art that can be called experimental in terms of content or design: art that is innovative in working methods or results. The program was kept as broad as possible: film, video, installations, performances and music. Various program components were explained by domestic and foreign guests.

During the 1992 festival, various works by international artists were shown. In the field of film, the program around Tony Hill could be admired. Distorted lenses and ingenious camera movements play an important role in his work. During this IMPAKT festival, an overview was given for the first time in the Netherlands of the extensive oeuvre of this British film maker. In the field of video there were also several programs, such as the program about the work Shelly Silver. Silver worked as a CMX editor and in her own work she tries to achieve a personal vision on commercial TV genres by experimenting with new storytelling techniques.

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