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As in the previous years, we have concentrated on the presentation of various creative disciplines within thematic programmes. In this way it is possible to present the manner in which certain ideas and concepts are realised and demonstrate the similarities and differences between them.

The ‘Arts Natura’ programme contains examples of how filmmakers and composers use natural elements in their work.

In addition to that, we have also compiled programmes which convey their content in a historical context. The programme ‘Autonomous Images’ contemplates how authorship may be an almost redundant concept in contemporary digital culture.

The year the IMPAKT organisers extended invitations to several people who were asked to compile and curate certain programmes. These include critic and film teacher Ernie Tee, film maker Joost Rekveld, art critic Camiel van Winkel, film-programmer Yann Beauvais, the Contemporary Music Department of Kikker and Utrecht city carillonneur Arie Abbenes.

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