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Cinematographic Sculptures, the combination of sculpture and film will undoubtedly cause a stir amongst artists and public alike. The fact that film is basically a simple mechanical process means that the character of the works are remarkably different to video installations. The relatively longer history of film also means that there is a larger, quite unique body of reference material. The artists were inspired by precur­sors to cinematography, like sha­dowplay, magic lanterns, zootro­pes and the kinetoscope, and also refer to the works of pioneers Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne Jules Marey.

Aquator, Thomas Bartels (1996)
A projection of the equa­tor as an endless 35mm film made out of slides.

Zeitmaschine, Thomas Bartels (1994)
The image of a contorting man moves through the space.

Zebra, Jorn Zehe

Lukas kleine Weltmaschine, Lutz Garmsen and Ursula Helfer
In a playful setting, several projec­tions and objects form a nostalgic whole.


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