Part of 1997 IMPAKT Festival



The exhibition ‘Sissy’s Brain’ is set up around the video installa­tion ‘Fistula’ by Michael Curran and Osnat Haber. ‘Fistula’ has a complicated plot. By disconnec­ting image and spoken text, an account of a violent relationship between two women gradually takes on a schizophrenic atmosp­here. The virtually silent videos of Mascha de Vries and Janine Antoni, which await the visitors a shor t distance away from ‘Fis­tula’, is about the cyclic structure of common fantasies about women. The trio of silent women have a strange effect on the expectations of the audience. The pieces are presented in this way to emphasise each others’ pull. This exhibition was compiled by Camiel van Winkel, freelance art critic. 


Fistula, Michael Curran and Osnat Haber (UK/Israel, 1996, 23:00, video installation)

De sigaret, Mascha de Vries (The Netherlands, 1995, single channel video)

Vrouwencondoom, Mascha de Vries (The Netherlands, 1993, single channel video)

Ready or not, here I come, Janine Antoni (US, 1994, single channel video)


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