8 May 1997
Location: Theater Kikker
10 May 1997
Location: Theater Kikker


In ‘ Neo Noir’ music symbolizes the unveiling of the city. The city is a hub, a collective hysteria, a grid of routines, and runs for 24 hours a day. In the contemporary city, cultures and styles contrast, inte­grate and co-exist with each other, rhythms are disrupted, turned inside out, swept away. Music contains all of this. Notions of beauty, redundancy, logic and form are challenged. There is no beginning and no end. David Toop and Paul Schutze will host this concert, which is of undetermined length. Guest musicians will accompany them.



We are surrounded by radiowaves; the colliding atoms which facilitate radiowaves know no boundaries. The performances in this programme will all have radio­waves as their most important sound source.
Scanner (Robin Rimbaud) is a sound artist and techno-data pirate. He scans the space around us, makes a selection from this swirling sea of voices and sounds and then combines these selections with music into intriguing sound collages. Bruce Gilbert also incorporates radio broadcasts in his compositions. He is a former member of the group ‘Wire’, he is known for his work for theatre and dance, and as an avantgarde collage DJ wor­king under the name Beekeeper. S.E.T.I. (Andrew Lagowski) uses radiowaves which have been emit­ted in space and which have been circling around us for years, and makes them audible and more accessible to the listeners. Sounds of communication between earth and space are the main ingredients in his music.

There will also be short selections from ‘classic’ radio works by Stockhausen, Cage, Czukay and others in between the performan­ces. The public can sit in a ‘listening chair’ and tune into a short his­tory of the pioneers of radio. This programme was compiled by Robin Rimbaud


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