Respect for personal privacy is no longer self-evident in this era of intrusive media and limitless technological possibilities. The borders between public and private are constantly being tinkered with. Many artists react to this development in their work, sometimes from a political position, but often for personal reasons such as the search for authenticity and unfiltered behavior. ‘Candid?’ is a program about the power of the camera and the ethics of the artist, about vulnerability and moral borders.


With DJ culture, the turntable has become a full-grown instrument. This program, which lmpakt has assembled together with the English music magazine The Wire, offers an overview of lea­ding turntablists from various musical fields. The most innovative musicians and DJs from the spheres of techno, hip-hop, improvisational music and sonic art will combine forces.


The projects in this program guarantee unusual physical experiences and mental sensations. In both art as well as in society, the experience is gaining ground on the object. Experience has grown into a commodity with its own economic sector: the Experience Economy. With whitewater rapid adventures rivaling fountain pens as business gifts, more and more artists are considering the experiences which they have their audiences undergo to be their actual work. Although they some­times use performance techniques from the 60s, what is central to these artists it is not the pro­cess that they themselves undergo, but rather the experience that they evoke in their audiences.


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