The Postfuturistic Encyclopedia Staffan Backlund (Sweden, 1998)
The Postfuturistic Encyclopedia is a project where digital images and sounds linked to each other in a pseudo-orga­nic way – form dynamic patterns that determine what specific images and sounds are relevant in the further con­text. The focus is on the interaction between the individual and the – so called – exterior world.

Where Where There There Where Zoe Beloff & the Wooster Group (USA, 1998)
Enter the mechanics of a mind shot through by the forces of electromagnetism, language and logical torment. Inspired by the play Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights by the Wooster Group.

Plötzlich und unerwartet – ein Mitspielfilm Michael Brynntrup (Germany, 1998)
Theme and plot of this interactive film on CD-Rom are based on Brynntrup’s film ‘Plötzlich und unerwartet – eine Déjà Revue’ ( 1993) in which he is dealing with the tabooed mundane side of death. The observer is taking part at a funeral information consultation.

The Experimental Files David Crawford (USA, 1998)
The Experimental Files houses over 20 unique Flash animations and serves as a chronicle of Crawford’s development as a video artist exploring a new medium. Ranging from visual exercises to semi-narrative pieces, the anima· lions are heavily influenced by artist Julia Scher and writer Paul Virilio.

Partitions Michel Obladen (GB, 1998)
Various authors described a fictitional character which was then given a place in the model of an existing office. The stories are told via animations which represent the, characters in the space. The characters are connected to one another and placed in a hierarchy which, when changed, allows you to change the relationships between the cha­racters and therefore as well the developments in the office.

Baltica Igor Stromajer (Slovenia, 1998)
Stromajer dedicated this website to his father, since ‘Baltica’ is where he now lives: a land at the end of time. ‘This is beyond and this is XY emotional.” A website about art, masturbation, communism, and above all the white light above the Baltic.

Global Positioning System Jose M. Palmeiro (Spain, 1998)
lnterzona Toni Serra (Spain, 1998)
Map Msn – Adult Playground 1.0 Joan Leandre (Spain, 1998)
These three CD-Roms form a part of the Oigo Rom-project conceived of in Barcelona. With the right password, con­fidential information from all kinds of institutions, multinationals and departments is unlocked. Extremely personal visual material is contained in the many folders, registers and files. Corporate logos and icons ‘borrowed’ from Microsoft form complex yet challenging interfaces which you use as a hacker to navigate through films, plans and records. Yet a warning to guard your own privacy is in order here.



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