An important part of the IMPAKT 2001 is Group Show, a specially compiled exhibition in which work is brought together by artists who pay special attention to group behavior and group processes. Group identity is taking on an ever more important role: collapsing nations on one hand and advancing process of globalization on the other makes people reconsider the culture they form a part of. We are exposed to smaller-scale manifestations of group processes every day in terms of fashion, styling and social traffic, in which we all participate. In the Group Show exhibition collective identity is set against individual identity in the form of installations, performances and workshops, and humans are exposed as herd animals.

With the annual Panorama program, IMPAKT once again offers an overview of recent developments within innovative visual culture. Panorama consists of current selection of installation, the most intriguing productions from filming video art, as well as cd-roms and websites. In the new-media “couch.clubs” the artist themselves present their own websites and cd-roms.

This year IMPAKT is paying special attention to the American artist Doug Atiken. Various Dutch museums have been trying for some time to organise an exhibition of his work. We are especially pleased that we can present a program compiled by Atiken himself, with film versions of his installations.

The music program is filled with concerts and DJ sets given by leading artist from electronic music and dance culture. Influences from hip-hop, techno, surf music, and other genres come together in various performances that offer an overview of the latest trends in music. The concerts will take place at The Vloer.

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