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The 16th IMPAKT Festival will take place from 7 to 11 December on various locations in Utrecht. The program of the IMPAKT Festival 2005 is not dominated by a single theme but features various thematic lines. Nevertheless. there is clearly something that all these programs have in common. They are all 'Adventures in Sound and Image'.

For years, IMPAKT has been sending its audience on adventurous audiovisual trips at its festival, its events and all its other projects, and this year is no exception. On our journey of discovery, we follow artists in their search for sublime moments. We meet musicians and directors who re-create themselves and the universe in their music videos.

An historic overview shows extraordinary synthesis of artistic vision and political involvement. Three remarkable celebrities from the history of Dutch experimental cinema shows us what they are worth. The Panorama program highlights what the new generation has been up to this year. The music program brings together audio pioneers from all over the globe. In found footage films, beautiful constructions are built from the remainders of previous civilisations. A futurist workshop shows us the results of a research into the possibilities to combine architecture and information technology.

It is generally pleasant but always interesting to go out with IMPAKT. We are not quite sure where we will end up yet, but it will be exciting without a doubt!

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