Miriam Bäckström’s work has until three years ago largely been associated with photography, as for exam- ple in her series of works Estate of a Deceased Person, 1992-1996, Set Constructions, 1995-2002, and Museums, Collections and Reconstructions, 1999-2004, which all deal with the representation of reality and the reading and interpretation of images. Bäckström’s photographs question the truthfulness of photography by exposing a staged reality and creating doubt on the immediacy of the image. The series are all characterized by the absence of people, yet they open up different approaches to poraiture. This field of interest Bäckström has continued to investigate in her more recent work that has marked a change of both medium and content, including text and book-, sound- and film works.

Sweden 2004, video, Swedish spoken, English subtitles, 42’
Betraktaren / The viewer
Sweden 2006, HD-video, Swedish spoken, English subtitles, 68’
Kira Carpelan
Sweden 2007, HD-video, Swedish spoken, English subtitles


Guest curator: Jan Schuijren.
Impakt is pleased to present Kira Carpelan as an international premiere.

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