Web 2.0 is vibrant with a promise: communicating, exchanging and networking with applications that can be adjusted to the users wishes with increasing ease. This trend which fits the image of the individualization of society, at the same time nourishes the rise of specific subcultures. With Web 2.0 everybody can create their own space and personality, and build a personal network of like-minded people.

But what exactly are the quality properties of these new structures and how do they relate to existing social contexts? Are Hyves and MySpace about social networking or are they merely platforms for vain self-exposure? Is a blog a public diary or a valuable contribution to the social debate? And what is the meaning of a festival now that makers can reach their audience through YouTube in an increasingly simple manner?

The IMPAKT Festival 2008 will address all of these issues. YourSpace will also shed a light on various subcultures and draw parallels between our current media society, Society 2.0, and important trends from the past. The program will comprise event evenings during which music, film, fashion and new media merge and meet. Moreover, international artists will discuss and present their work, next to festival features such as debates and special program items.

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