Speculative Interfaces

The IMPAKT Festival 2019, Speculative Interfaces questions existing notions of the interface and reimagines its future(s). The program will investigate how we interact with technology and how this relationship alters our behavior and perception.

Interfaces that mediate our understanding of and interaction with the world are so pervasive that their existence goes unnoticed. Everything we label ‘smart’, from cities to phones
and self-driving cars, rely on increasingly sophisticated sensors embedded in our environment and devices. For the sake of seamless interaction, the interface has all but disappeared—only ourselves and our activities remain.

Despite their apparent simplicity, interfaces are very complex— scripting user interaction, perception and understanding of technology, environment and self. With this year’s program we want to critically examine the impact of current developments in interface design as well as identify how we can construct more emancipatory narratives.

The festival program will include three subthemes: Sensory Empowerment, School of Non Humans and Persuasive Tech Lab. These themes will be addressed on the main festival days: Thursday 31 October, Friday 1 November and Saturday 2 November. Sunday 3 November will center the festival exhibition with guided tours and artist talks.

Sensory Empowerment

Thursday 31 Oct

How can we use interfaces and other technological aids to increase the functionality of our body and our senses? And what does this mean for our sense of self and the way we perceive ourselves?


Friday 1 Nov

How do humans talk with nonhumans, like machines, animals, plants and everything in between? How do machines that seem to get smarter and smarter see us? And what can we learn from nonhumans?


Saturday 2 Nov

Persuasive Tech Lab experiments with persuasive interfaces, designed to influence our behaviour. Do we need nudging to act in our best interest? And who determines what is good for
us? How do we question these interfaces when they become more and more invisible, operating in the background?

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