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This year, the IMPAKT Festival 2020 Zero Footprint takes place online. From 28 October till 1 November, you can experience all the screenings, games, performances, exhibitions, panels and talks on our Planet IMPAKT: a unique online festival experience. The exhibition is the only part of the festival that does not take place exclusively online and that can be visited physically at the IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture.

Read more about our decision to organise the festival online.

Below you can find more information about the various festival programmes and about our tickets. Do you have more questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at


Discover Planet IMPAKT to dive into the Zero Footprint future scenarios and wander through the different festival spaces. Take part in the live programme, ask burning questions to the speakers, visit our virtual exhibition, and don’t miss the chance to play one of the climate games in the game room. At the virtual bar you can take a break and chat with other visitors. In-between programmes, IMPAKT TV will guide you through the festival with memes, extra reports and interviews with artists and special guests and waste-poems specially composed for IMPAKT by Utrecht-based poet Ingmar Heytze.

To get access to Planet IMPAKT you need a personal access code.
The costs are € 5,- and you can buy this in our ticket shop
The ticket is valid for the entire 5-day festival. Closer to date, you will receive an email from us with your unique code to enter Planet IMPAKT starting from 28 October via

The IMPAKT Festival 2020 Zero Footprint is live from 28 October till 1 November. Please have a look at our time-schedule for the exact times of the programmes.

How to get to Planet IMPAKT?

Before you travel
Please have a look at our full programme and make sure you put your favourite parts in your calendar. Find a comfortable spot in your house, sit down and experience the IMPAKT Festival 2020 Zero Footprint online!

How to get there
Go to and enter your personal access code in the calculator. You can find the code on the e-ticket you received via email. Please use the last 5 digits of your e-ticket number, like in the example here:

In case you have trouble finding your e-ticket or accessing Planet IMPAKT, please do not hesitate to contact us at

What to see and do
Now we would like to give you a quick tour through the main attractions:

This is the main area where you can experience the festival on IMPAKT TV. Tune in at any time: in-between the main live programmes, IMPAKT TV guides you non-stop through the festival.

Rooftop Bar
At the virtual bar you can take a break and chat with other visitors. A host is always ready to welcome you and get the conversation started. Please note that the bar takes place in Zoom.

Exclusive content
We gathered some exclusive content for you to watch on-demand, from documentaries to special interviews with artists and speakers. 

Experience the magical exhibition Dreaming in Everywhen online. Browse through the works and get unique insights and background information.

If you enjoy active experiences, you can participate in our workshops (online and offline). Make your own disobedience-game or write a collaborative climate manifesto. Spots for each workshop are limited, please check the individual workshop pages for more details and how to sign up.

Games Room
Don’t miss the chance to play one of the climate games in the game room. We showcase a selection of games that you can actually play on Planet IMPAKT. Click on the game, and start playing.

Enjoy your trip to Planet IMPAKT!

Ask questions live

We want to hear you!
We encourage you to participate in our live programme. Within Planet IMPAKT you can ask your questions to the speakers, live via zoom or email.

Give-away trick: To get the most out of your favourite event, think of a few questions in advance.

There are two ways in which you can participate. For each option there is a button in our Livestream room:

  • Ask questions by email
    By clicking on this button, you send your questions to During the live programmes, our team keeps actively track of all incoming emails.
  • Ask questions live
    This button will open a new Zoom tab in your browser. If no tab opens, please make sure you are allowing pop-ups on this website. You do not need to download Zoom: when the new tab opens, a popup will automatically prompt to download. However, if you look carefully at the bottom of the page, you can see [open in browser]. Click there and you are done 🙂
    Once you are in Zoom, to ask your question, raise your hand. In ‘Zoom-language’ this means: click on [participants] on the right side of the screen and then on [raise your hand]. You can raise your hand at any moment during the event. Only when your question is taken, you are visible and audible in the main live stream.
    Please note that by entering the Zoom, you will not be automatically visible in the main live steam – even if you have your camera on. You can choose to be visible when you ask your question. You can also type your question in the zoom chat, and we will make sure the moderator reads it out for you.

If you have any trouble opening or using Zoom, please refer to the Zoom Support Page. If your are still having trouble, please send us a message at

Workshops and registration

Some festival programmes have a workshop format with a limited number of participants. For these programmes, a reservation and/or pre-registration is required. You can find the links to the registration forms on the workshop’s page: 

The Global Warming Hot Yoga sessions by Pinar Yoldas takes place in our special yoga studio in Utrecht. 

Global Warming Yoga Studio

The available spots for each session is limited to 4 participants. Don’t miss your chance to experience this unique yoga session and get your ticket through our ticketshop

Tickets for Global Warming Hot Yoga Studio are € 5,- and also give you access Planet IMPAKT. The yoga session will also be streamed as part of our IMPAKT TV.

Exhibition: Dreaming in Everywhen

You can visit the festival exhibition Dreaming in Everywhen both on Planet IMPAKT and physically at the IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture in Utrecht. For this exhibition, the space at the IMPAKT Center will be transformed into an environment that feels both magical and post-apocalyptic. 

You can visit the exhibition from 28 October 2020 till 17 January 2021. Opening times: Wednesday till Sunday from 12:00 – 17:00 h.

For the exhibition a separate ticket is required. You can book your time-slot in our ticket shop.

During the festival week, an exhibition ticket costs €5 and also gives you access to Planet IMPAKT.

From 4 November, the prices are: regular: €4,- / discount: € 3-

Due to the new recommendations of the Dutch Health Authority RIVM, we allow a maximum of 4 visitors to the exhibition, per slot. To visit the exhibition, you need to book a ticket for a specific time-slot.  You can choose your preferred day and time through our ticket shop.


Are you a professional or press?
To interview one of the artists, speakers or curators and to request image material in high resolution, please contact Michelle Franke via

For request accreditation and visit the festival for free as a professional, please fill in this form. We will get back to you within 7 days.

Request accreditation

The costs of a ticket to our online portal are only €5. We invite you to buy one or more tickets anyway, even when your request for accreditation has been accepted. This kind of support is essential for arts organisations and artists to keep doing their work under COVID-19 restrictions. You can use the purchased passes yourself or give it to friends and colleagues!


The health of our visitors, artists, speakers, guests and team is very important to us. We therefore adhere to the RIVM guidelines. This means that our programme takes place online on Planet IMPAKT. You can visit the physical exhibition Dreaming in Everywhen at the IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture, where we allow a maximum number of visitors. You need a ticket with a specific time-slot, which you can book in our ticketshop.

Have you bought tickets for a performance, but do you now have symptoms that could indicate COVID-19? Then stay home and contact us via 

Do you have additional questions relating to COVID-19 regulations in relation to the IMPAKT festival, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Lars Bleijenberg (website and social media)
Inez de Coo (curator film programme)
Froukje van Dooren (head management)
Arjon Dunnewind (general and artistic director)
Michelle Franke (PR and marketing)
Simon ‘Cardinale’ Kelaita (technical production)
Saskia de Jong (production and office management)
Bram Koning (technical and exhibition production)
Bo Mulder (production and financial administration)
Saskia Reynolds (festival production)
Paul Schmidt (curator and producer games programme and volunteers coordinator)
Lara Stolwerk (curator talks and panels, production and PR)
Jeroen Witjes (IMPAKT TV, coordinator internships and student programmes)

Manon Falces (intern production and IMPAKT TV)
Jelany Hammen (intern PR, marketing and IMPAKT TV)
Sabine Persijn (intern PR, production and IMPAKT TV)

Laura Birbalaite, Dave Postma, Rene ‘t Hart, Aishwarya Kumar, Andrej Kapor, Job Santé, Karen Wekema, Valerie Wollinger, Kulaporn Temudom, Taciser Sevinc and Mees Godwaldt.

IMPAKT Festival 2020 is thankful for the support from: