ZERO FOOTPRINT 28 Oct. — 1 Nov.

Living and Connecting on a Damaged Earth

No, you cannot go on with your daily routine. Global heating is happening, not in the future, but right now. It is also happening much faster than we thought. Many people around the world are already paying dearly. This year, the IMPAKT Festival 2020 Zero Footprint presents critical art and design with the potential to create change right now. The works are inspired by the alternative worlds found in science fiction, perspective changes offered by Indigenous knowledge and the stories from people that are experiencing climate change first-hand. 

There is much talk of sustainability, often in the form of greenwashing, but whom does it serve? How do we create structural change that can serve the many instead of the few? With a rich programme of films, games, performances, panels, talks and an exhibition, the IMPAKT Festival 2020: Zero Footprint questions the paradigms of sustainability and the extractive nature of our current system. Care, solidarity, playfulness and experimentation are central to our approach. 

New solutions and alternatives are important; yet, what is even more important is a change in awareness. If Covid-19 has proven anything of value, it is that radical intervention is possible if enough people see the urgency and act accordingly. All we need is to overcome our hesitation and get together to create the necessary change. While it’s only natural to start thinking from our own experiences, we propose that the experiences of people far and near, of animals, plants and of our environment are a much more valuable starting point. Our festival aims to do exactly that, by looking at the wealth of knowledge that exists and applying the playful yet serious ideas that art can reveal and make real.

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