Climate Mourning Circle

31 October 2020
11:00 — 12:00

Location: Activation programme

Workshop //

Living in a state of crisis provokes a multitude of complicated feelings like anger, sadness, fear, hopelessness, and numbness. To live and connect on a damaged earth means that we don’t have to face these emotions alone.

The Climate Mourning Circle is a series of openly accessible gatherings, created and directed by members of Regenerative Culture Utrecht, trained in the techniques of Circling and spiritual counselling. Workshop participants are invited to share their emotions, support each other and experience it as an aspect of Regenerative Culture – a core principle of the climate activist movement Extinction Rebellion. Their protest enacts a healthy, resilient, and adaptable culture, emerging from an active caring for the planet, fellow creatures and oneself.

The Climate Mourning Circle workshop by Extinction Rebellion is limited to 10 participants. Please fill in the sign-up form to secure your spot!

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