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We look forward to welcoming you at IMPAKT Festival 2022 The Curse of Smooth Operations

Professionals Programme

For the Professionals Programme of this year’s festival, we are inspired by the general theme of the festival, and added some additional topics, to open up discussions to challenge and further explore the field of media art. 

We invite professionals attending the IMPAKT Festival 2022 to a series of sessions relevant to the field of media art and media art institutions. Alongside artists’ presentations and networking opportunities, we will also host two curated sessions with experts. The first session will focus on collaborative and critical curation that does not emphasise artistic value as a way to critically engage with societal debates. The second session will revolve around the production and development of hybrid event formats that bring together online and offline audiences. We invite professionals to engage, debate, discuss, inspire and contribute from their experience.

For any questions about the professionals programme, please contact Daniela Tenenbaum at



Inspired by the artistic and discursive programmes of recent festivals and biennials that come to investigate the place of decolonisation, representation, equality and activism in western cultural institutions, this session will suggest a different look into curating media art.

Non-traditional curating methods have been on the rise for a few years. However, recent major cultural events redefined the notion of unconventional curating methods and gave prominence to societal issues, rather than emphasising artistic value. Ruangrupa’s work for documenta 15 opened the door for collectives from the Global South to present their work in one of the most influential art events in the West. The collective work that ruangrupa embraced for documenta 15 demanded the attention of Western visitors and art critics on societal issues, artistic practices and points of friction in the Global South. Similarly, this year’s Berlin Biennale, curated by Kader Attia, focused on the notion of repair and focused on acts of resistance from global artists, activists and, perhaps most important and innovative, the biennale’s audiences, who shared their forms and concepts of decolonial practices.

The choices these curators made hit waves throughout the art world and instigated critical debates about the importance of non-artistic intervention in cultural spaces. In this discussion, we wish to focus on these curatorial moves and situate them within the field of media art. Together with experts, we will define what critical curating is in the context of media art and add practical layers to the urgent discussion about the lack of diversity, representation and equity in the field of media art. Our invited experts, prominent curators and researchers, will elaborate on their experience in implementing diverse voices into their practice and creating safe spaces for diverse cultural exploration and expression.


Since the COVID pandemic, we saw an unprecedented boost of creativity from cultural institutions, trying to engage their audiences online. Though a challenging time for this field, many lessons were learned and the many benefits of online events were uncovered along the way. With the current COVID reset and the cultural field getting ‘back to normal’, institutions and professionals are now facing new challenges as they try to find effective ways to implement the advantages of online events with the familiarity of offline settings, in hybrid setups.

In the IMPAKT Festival 2022 Professionals’ Programme, we want to take a closer look at hybridity. In its 2022 and 2023 programmes, IMPAKT will have a special focus on Hybridity. For these programmes, IMPAKT defines “Hybrid”, as bringing together audiences and participants both online and offline, in a shared event which is equally experienced by all parties. Throughout our hybrid experiments, we seek to create formats that create a pleasant, casual and inspiring interaction between the online and offline groups.

In this collaborative session, we will showcase the latest steps IMPAKT has made toward developing successful hybrid formats and focus on the knowledge of different artists and organisers who work on and with hybrid formats. The participants in this session will build a glossary for hybrid events, including (but not limited to) format suggestions, interesting readings, different software to use, etc. During the discussion about the glossary, the artists will give their input based on the projects they are working on and share their experiences. For this discussion, we will not only focus on the technical, but also on the sociological and psychological aspects of hybridity.

Hybrid Formats is organised by IMPAKT as part of the Capacity Building Workshop series of the European Media Art Platform (EMAP), co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe Programme. The session is also part of the project ‘The New Social’, a collaboration between IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture], Framer Framed and Hackers & Designers and with the support of the Innovation Labs programme of the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Presentation dinners

Dinner + Zachary Formwalt
Zachary Formawlt’s work An Industry and Its Irreplaceable Medium stands as a key work in the exhibition of IMPAKT Festival 2022. Being one of the few commissioned works we are presenting in the exhibition, we had the pleasure of working with Formwalt and experiencing his visual interpretation of the festival’s theme. In the presentation dinner, Formwalt will discuss his unique perception of how the most dissatisfying type of technology is the one that works.

Dinner + Beny Wagner and Sasha Litvintseva
In this presentation dinner, we will get to know Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner better. The artists-duo will discuss their film Constant which is presented as part of the exhibition of the festival. This dinner presentation will provide the professionals with a behind-the-scenes look into the working process of Litvintseva and Wagner.

Second, the two artists will present the film they are currently working on, which is being developed during their residency at IMPAKT as part of the European Media Art Platform programme. My Want of You Partakes of Me explores the boundaries of our bodies, both physical and perceptual, through a visual narration of five stories taken from across a long historical period. The participants in this dinner will get an exclusive peek into this project by learning about the concept behind the film and seeing short clips that Litvintseva and Wagner are preparing in advance.

Networking opportunities

Throughout the programme, we invite you to our professionals’ drinks to get to know the other professionals better. Please check our programme for a schedule of when the professionals’ drinks will take place. We will prepare an information sheet on the participants of the programme, so those who wish to attend these networking opportunities can know more about the other professionals attending the drinks.