Deal With It!

IMPAKT Centre 

The IMPAKT Festival 2024 will take place from 30 October to 3 November. The festival offers a stage to artists who embrace controversy and apply their critical mentality to politics and society, but also to themselves and their environment. While we are busy with the preparations, we are are proud to announce the first participants!

With DEAL WITH IT the IMPAKT Festival 2024 makes a stand for artists who embrace controversy and dare to be radical. Their approach comes out of a principled critical practice, not some easy attempt to attract attention for cheap effect. They express themselves on the pressing issues of our times, and do so in non-conformist ways. They dare to be controversial. They use humour and can handle ambiguity and paradox. Especially now, with a populist right-wing government taking power, it’s going to take real courage to keep the arts going – and to unite us, despite our differing opinions.

From 30 October until 3 November, The IMPAKT Festival 2024 offers a stage to artists who apply their critical mentality on all fronts: from politics and society to themselves as individuals and their environment in the worlds of art, culture and academia – the fields in which they operate and on which they depend. In these times of identity politics, elite capture and hypercapitalism, we will explore the pressures artists face from the demands of countless activist, social and political agendas.

The artists contributing to the festival engage with the world around them with authentic commitment. And they do so on their own terms. We are proud to announce the first names:

  • Dries Verhoeven: in-your-face critical artist working in large scale performative installation works
  • The Yes Men: satirical activists, speaking truth to power
  • Joyce Overheul: agent provocateur from Utrecht
  • Kubra Khademi: Afghan performance artist forced to flee her country
  • Domenique Himmelsbach de Vries: social designer and generator of ideas
  • Maxim Februari: ideosyncratic philosopher with an opinion on ‘bad art’
  • Roy Villevoye: against-the-grain relational artist
  • Julika Rudelius: artist, analyses how power manifests itself in human behaviour
  • Jeroen Jongeleen: street artist intervening in public space
  • Roee Rosen: politically incorrect Israeli artist and filmmaker


More names will be revealed soon.

The curators of the IMPAKT Festival 2024: DEAL WITH IT are Arjon Dunnewind (IMPAKT) and Ine Gevers (Come Alive, Fake Me Hard, Robot Love, Hacking Habitat, Niet Normaal and more).


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