How to get to Planet IMPAKT

A tour through the building

How to get there

Go to and enter your personal access code in the indicated field. You can find the code on the e-ticket you received via email, as a PDF attachment, when buying your ticket. Please use the last 5 digits of your e-ticket number, like in the example here: 


In case you have trouble finding your e-ticket or accessing Planet IMPAKT, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

What to see and do

Planet IMPAKT is designed as a building. Through the elevator control on the right side of the screen you can explore the different floors and contents. 

Now we would like to give you a quick tour through the main attractions:

1) Livestream floor:

This is the main area where you can experience the live programme on Planet IMPAKT.

We want to hear you!

We encourage you to participate in our live programme. You can ask your questions to the speakers, via the live chat or via email. For both options there is a button under the livestream window.

Give-away trick: To get the most out of your favourite event, think of a few questions in advance

2) Exclusive content 

For each event, we gather some exclusive content for you to watch and browse on-demand, from documentaries to special interviews with artists and speakers.

3) Rooftop Bar: 

After the event, this is the place where you can get together and chat with other visitors (and sometimes speakers) in a more informal setting. A host is always ready to welcome you and get the conversation started. Please note that the bar takes place in Zoom. You can find the direct link on the Rooftop, the top floor of the building.


In case you have trouble accessing or navigating your way in Planet IMPAKT, please do not hesitate to contact us at