A series of monthly online events

IMPAKT launches a new series of monthly online events: IMPAKT TV. With IMPAKT TV we want to reflect on current social events and/or (artistic) debates by broadcasting a monthly online programme with conversations and reflections. We kick-off on 8 april 2021. More info about will follow soon…

IMPAKT positions itself explicitly in the middle of social debates. With all our programmes our aim is to identify urgent issues in our digital and transglobal culture, by focusing on the relationship between society, media, technology and arts. IMPAKT TV can be seen as an additional layer to our programme. We delve deeper into the themes that we examine in our exhibitions, events, web-projects and festivals, and we connect them with the daily news and the events that happened over the past month.

Each IMPAKT TV broadcast focuses on a specific theme, inviting experts and guests to reflect on the topic. The themes are chosen by the IMPAKT TV editorial team and the subjects we plan to deal with in the upcoming months include, amongst others, NFT’s, the power of algorithms in music and conspiracy theories.

The editorial team consists of Arjon Dunnewind (General Director at IMPAKT), Michelle Franke (head of PR at IMPAKT), Friso Wiersum (European Cultural Foundation, Expodium) and Rosa Wevers (PhD candidate Gender Studies at Utrecht University).

2021 broadcasts: 

The online events will be streamed via Planet IMPAKT.
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