Make your own virtual picture frame!

Join the IMPAKT Wine and Art Tasting like a PRO

**This step is optional**
Read here the full guide to the IMPAKT Hybrid Wine and Art Tasting event

Would you like to give extra flavour to your online presence during the wine tasting? We asked artist Benjamin Pompe to design a special picture frame that you can use to add a fun digital layer to your living room. Like this:



1) First of all, download your favourite Picture Frame.
Save it on your desktop or other place where you can easily find it for the next step.

Download link: 


2) Add the Picture Frame to Zoom by setting up a virtual camera input:

  • Download OBS Studios here
    Select the download for your computer (Mac/Windows/Etc).
  • Open OBS.
  • Once OBS is open, set up your webcam:
    Go to “sources” → Use the “+” sign to add an input → Add a “Video Capture Device” →  select your webcam in the drop down menu and accept.

3) Go crazy with creativity! You can now add more source inputs and add as many layers as you want for decoration (just make sure we can still see you clearly).

  • To add the provided Picture Frame in OBS click “add source input”, choose “image”, navigate the image you just downloaded. You may need to resize the image to fit the webcam.
  • Note: Make sure your audio device is disabled in OBS Studio.

4) When you are ready: connect your decorated webcam to Zoom:

  • In OBS: click “Start Virtual Camera”.
  • In Zoom: Go to camera. Instead of choosing your regular webcam input, choose “OBS Virtual camera”.

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