Pointlessness Coordinator Out of Office

Getting paid to do nothing every Saturday

On 20 January we published the vacancy for Pointlessness Coordinator. Out of more than 60 applications we have selected nine Coordinators. Every Saturday, one of them will be at the Out of Office exhibition.

On Saturdays, between 14:00 and 16:00, you can watch the Pointlessness Coordinators perform their duties, such as binge-watching Friends, daydreaming and doomscrolling. It is their responsibility, from their workstation on the floor of Out of Office, to spend two hours as stress-free as possible.

In our neoliberal society, we’re constantly either working or thinking about work, or else feeling guilty about not working. By paying the Pointlessness Coordinators to do nothing, we offer them the space to escape from this workaholism. Doing nothing becomes an act of resistance against our constant drive towards exploitative productivity.

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About Out of Office
Technological advances didn’t create a future that frees humans from labour after all. Our schedules are packed. We define ourselves by our work. And we are constantly exhausted. The excesses of today’s technology-driven work culture are familiar to everyone – efficiency has become the norm and permanent availability a given. From 10 February till 10 April 2023, the IMPAKT Exhibition Out of Office presents a collection of artistic responses that reveal, rethink and reject the constant drive towards exploitative productivity. How can we carve out space to catch our breath?

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