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Help IMPAKT with a two-year funding application

For IMPAKT and many other cultural organisations, the recent weeks have been a rollercoaster. On 5 June, we received the bad news that the Utrecht city council had been advised that IMPAKT, along with many other leading institutions, should not be included in the structural funding for 2025-2028. Following this advice would not only mean that Utrecht would lose institutions with proven qualities, but also that several important sectors in the Utrecht cultural field – Visual Arts, Digital Culture and Film – would practically disappear.

Alongside many organisations, we have worked hard to convince the City Council of the strategic mistakes of adopting this advice. We were massively supported by the beautiful letters we received from you all, the attention of local and national press, and the solidarity of fellow Utrecht institutions. Sadly, this could not turn the tide.

Fortunately, IMPAKT did receive very positive news at the national level. The Creative Industries Fund NL has decided to support IMPAKT in 2025-2028 as a “cultural institution with a substantial nationally leading programme of activities with international importance within the creative industry.”

Such recognition and appreciation makes us tremendously happy and proud. However, the battle is not yet won. The Creative Industries Fund NL can only support us if we generate sufficient match funding. And for this, the application we need to submit to the Utrecht municipality on 10 July is important. IMPAKT can still try and get support with a two-year grant, starting with our activities in the period 2025-2026.

We are very grateful for all the letters of support we have received so far. Should you still (or again) want to support us, we will gladly include these letters in the application. We ask you to send us your support on 10 July 10:00 am at the latest to

Do the right thing ;-),

On behalf of the IMPAKT team and supervisory board,
Arjon Dunnewind, director

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