The winners of the first GIF Open call!

Good GIFs are fun, smart and they often mock the contemporary world we live in. Just like memes, they can be seen as a rich visual language of our digital presence. To further explore and contribute to its diffusion, IMPAKT launched a new open call to artists and creators to send us their best GIFs. The winners of the first open call are: Anja Malec, George Stamenov and Valia Paella.

Anja Malec: Digitally Born

With her GIF Digitally Born, Anja Malec responds to the theme ‘Cyborg Futures’. Malec: “In the future, all humans will be born artificially. Together, the biological body and computational genesis complete the development of a new human – a cyborg newborn. Through computational genesis, we are born as one and wired into the infinity of time and space.”

George Stamenov: Evil has no face

With this GIF, George Stamenov responded to the theme ‘Digital Rights’. Stamenov: “Evil has no face. The metaverse or the digital realm would be a good place for mischief.”

Valia Paella: The end of privacy

I’m new media reality artist, trying to retrieve a new sort of “AI” implicating “Art & Information” behind the common abbreviation of AI. The art & Information for me – is our daily bread. We have to be more critical choosing our food as well as media consumption. Please eat life, not news! I think that insights from the art world can lead to more responsible digital innovation. My GIFs are selected from the different art series and representing the overdosed digital fluid time that melting our personality and identity.

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