The winners of the GIF Open Call #2

We found more good GIFs

Good GIFs are fun and smart. To further explore this rich visual language of our digital presence, IMPAKT launched an open call to artists and creators to send us their best GIFs. The winners of the second GIF open call are: Chris Furby, Jordan Slemmer and Lisa An!

The first winner of the second GIF Open call is Chris Furby with the number cruncher.

DIGITAL EVIL – The number cruncher – this is where your data went when you clicked on that link…
The original video of the forge hammer came from Pexels and was much fooled with to get the numbers to look as if they were being crushed…

Programs: Photoshop, After Effects.

We will reveal the other two GIFs in Juli and August. If you don’t want to miss them subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media.

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