(We Will) RockYou2021

How strong is your password?

No one ever second-guesses their passwords, right? How many times have you found yourself reusing the same password for different accounts, or sighing at the thought of having to create a two factor authentication system for certain websites. But at the end of the day, how important are passwords and what can you do to keep your data safe and private?

According to Security Boulevard, “RockYou2021” was the recent leak of over 8 billion passwords in a 100GB text file to an online forum. The passwords contained in these lists are all 6-20 characters in length, with whitespaces removed”.

RockYou2021, is a compilation of various lists of passwords that is better known as Cracking Dictionaries.“Cracking Dictionaries are lists of expected passwords, commonly used or easy-to-guess passwords. These lists are used to quickly reverse hashed passwords to clear text or perform password guessing attacks”. So you better go change that “myDog123” password real quick!

Have you been a victim of the RockYou2021 password breach? Websites like this can check and “identify if your password has been compromised while also continuously monitoring to provide automated remediation if a password appears in a breached list like RockYou2021”.

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