Assistant Production

Throughout the year, IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] produces many events, exhibitions, the yearly IMPAKT Festival and other activities. As a production intern, you will be assisting in the production of all the different types of activities we produce. Generally, these acitivities will fall under one of the following categories:

  • Events (online, hybrid and physical)
  • Exhibitions
  • IMPAKT Festival
  • Web Projects
  • Workshops

As Assistant Production, you will work to help produce events that fall within one or more of these categories, depending on the timeframe in which your internship falls and the activities we organise within that time frame.

Tasks the interns can be involved with include, but are not limited to: Contacting speakers, participants and artists, creating schedules and production scripts for events, researching themes and ideas for upcoming events, making arrangements for the transport of artworks, arranging interviews, contacting distributors and galleries about artworks and the financial settlement. 

Interns working within the festival period will generally work on specific elements of the festival, like assisting with the volunteer coordination, screenings, talks, special projects, production of the exhibition or location production. 

A production internship at IMPAKT is a varied and exciting internship in which you intimately get to know many different aspects of event, exhibition and festival production.

IMPAKT considers their interns a vital and important part of the team, therefore we expect our interns to be able to enthusiastically and independently be able to work on their tasks, that are able to look ahead and are assertive in their work. In turn, we provide a diverse and exciting internship where you are fully integrated in the team and are able to receive solid guidance to make your internship a great addition to your CV and a great way to gain experience working in the cultural field.

We offer:

> A chance to gain experience in event and exhibition production

> A diverse internship with many different facets and a lot of responsibility

> An inspiring workplace with a dynamic and enthusiastic team


Required skills:

> Excellent communicative skills in English

> Affinity with the audio-visual arts

> Technical and practical knowledge of construction and the audio-visual arts is a pre

> Knowledge of Adobe and Microsoft Office is a pre

> An independent and active working attitude

> You are motivated, eager and willing to expand your capacities

> Flexibility and the ability to handle stress and fast-changing situations well

> You want to get the most out of yourself and the organisation

Work hours:

24-32 hours per week (3-4 days), for at least three months, preferably longer

If you have any questions regarding this internship, please send an email to Jeroen Witjes at

If you wish to apply for this internship, please fill in the questionnaire and send it to Jeroen Witjes at

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