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IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] has a large history, going back to the first festival in 1988. We are looking for interns to help with the cataloging and documenting of our archive, both physical and digital. Our archive consists of video, audio, interactive projects, books and magazines, as well as our digital archive on our old website containing information of every event we have ever done. 

During this internship, you will be focusing on making these archives available for visitors of IMPAKT, through digitized entries on our web archive and through curated film programmes that we present in a special section on our website. The internship will give you exclusive access to many works from our history and it is a great opportunity to gain more knowledge about the field of media art. 

We use the IMPAKT Channel to open up our archive for a worldwide audience. In curated programs we present selections with old and contemporary video works from our archive. In these selections we respond to themes in our festival or other parts of our annual program. New and additional topics can also be addressed in curated programs on the IMPAKT Channel.

As an intern working on an IMPAKT Channel, you will curate your own video programme.. We will guide your curation and help you create a unique programme that reflects your chosen theme through works both old and new. 

IMPAKT considers their interns a vital and important part of the team, therefore we expect our interns to be able to enthusiastically and independently be able to work on their tasks, that are able to look ahead and are assertive in their work. In turn, we provide a diverse and exciting internship where you are fully integrated in the team and are able to receive solid guidance to make your internship a great addition to your CV and a great way to gain experience working in the cultural field.


We offer:

> A diverse internship in which you learn more about the history of media art

> A chance to curate your own (film) programme consisting of historical and contemporary artworks

> Valuable skills working in an archive and curating

> You are motivated, eager and willing to expand your capacities

> An inspiring workplace with a dynamic and enthusiastic team

Required skills:

> Excellent communicative skills in English

> Affinity with the audio-visual arts and its history

> An independent and active working attitude

> You want to get the most out of yourself and the organisation

Work hours:

24-32 hours per week (3-4 days), for at least three months, preferably longer


If you have any questions regarding this internship, please send an email to Jeroen Witjes at

If you wish to apply for this internship, please fill in the questionnaire.

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