IMPAKT IS LOOKING FOR A: Pointlessness Coordinator

2 hours a week, on Saturday afternoon

From 10 February – 10 April 2023, IMPAKT presents Out of Office: an exhibition that reveals, rethinks and rejects our obsession with productivity. For Out of Office we’re looking for a Pointlessness Coordinator to be present every Saturday from 14:00 to 16:00.

Job description
As a Pointlessness Coordinator, every Saturday you are involved with several projects, such as doomscrolling, binge-watching Friends (again) and online shopping. On top of that, you keep an eye on your own budget, Insta and Be Real while ignoring questions from visitors.

Job responsibilities
We are looking for someone with a strong 9-to-5 mentality, who is not afraid to set clear boundaries and only performs tasks within the job description. You don’t take your work home with you – except for the occasional tea bag – and you avoid responsibility whenever possible.

You have a strong drive to keep your personal life running smoothly, with a good sense of interpersonal relationships and friendships. You see work as nothing more than a necessary source of income and know that you will not get actual satisfaction from an office job. You are neither a people person nor a true multitasker (that’s a myth anyway). As a Pointlessness Coordinator, you get energy from chilling, sleeping and hanging out with friends (preferably during work), and you have an affinity for the sector in which your employer operates during working hours.

No experience required.

About Out of Office
In our current neoliberal society, we’re constantly either working or thinking about work, or else feeling guilty about not working. The title Out of Office will be familiar from those auto-reply emails informing us of the sender’s non-availability, but it can also be read as a reference to how work follows us wherever we go.

The artists in the exhibition reflect on their own position and current conditions in the workplace. They question standard practices and explore the subversive potential of conventions such as the auto-reply, the CV and the eight-hour workday.

Read more about Out of Office

Job requirements
You are available one or multiple Saturdays between 10 February and 10 April.
The compensation is €18,50 an hour.

Send your motivation and CV to Michelle Franke,

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