‘A Critical History of Media Art in the Netherlands’

Publication launch

On the occasion of the publication launch of ‘A Critical History of Media Art in the Netherlands’ LIMA and Jap Sam Books will present a series of online talks with Arie Altena, Arjon Dunnewind, Dick Rijken, Florian Weigl and Gaby Wijers.

Monday, May 18, 20h00 CET – Steim Sanneke Huisman in conversation with Dick Rijken (STEIM)

Tuesday May 19, 20h00 CET – LIMA media art platform Gaby Wijers will present the LIMA program. LIMA will premiere a short documentary film of the institute, followed by a discussion.

Wednesday May 20, 20h00 CET – V2_ Arie Altena and Florian Weigl discuss how the history of V2_ can inform and inspire future activities of V2_, followed by a discussion moderated by Sanneke Huisman.

Thursday May 21, 20h00 CET – IMPAKT Sanneke Huisman and Arjon Dunnewind will engage in conversation with Annet Dekker. IMPAKT will also premiere a documentary video of the institute, containing archival material of interviews and performances by, amongst others, Hito Steyerl, Willem van Weelden, Kodwo Eshun, Roy Villevoye, Sjarel Ex, James Beckett, Marc Tuters, Wander Eikelboom, Wilfried Houjebek, Mike Hoolboom and Michelle Tehran.

IMPAKT, the 2nd and 3rd decade
a documentary on the IMPAKT Festival and programmes in the 1999-2018 years

part 1
IMPAKT Festival 2018
General introduction by General Director Arjon Dunnewind and key-note by Eliot Higgins from Bellingcat

part 2
IMPAKT Event “Deep Fake, or Rendering the Truth”
Anna Ridler and Mosaic Virus
Mosaic Virus, project presentation by resident artist Anna Ridler (IMPAKT Event, April 2018)

part 3
The IMPAKT Festival 2008
YourSpace and Hito Steyerl
With: an interview with Hito Steyerl with excerpts from her works “Lovely Andrea (2007)” and “Journal Nr.1 – An artist’s impression (2007)”, and the YourSpace bumpers and leader from the IMPAKT Festival 2018.
16m33s until 22m56s
Duration: 7m55s

part 4
IMPAKT Festival 2006
The Music Programme and the IMPAKT Awards
With: Kode9, Pan Sonic, Kurt Hentschlager, moderators Kees Brienen and Sabine Niederer and jury member Hilde Teerlinck, The Award Ceremony and Award Winner Roy Villevoye)
22m56s until 37m26s
Duration: 14m30s

part 5
IMPAKT Festival 2003
The IMPAKT Festival in the Centraal Museum
With: the festival opening, museum director Sjarel Ex, the IMPAKT exhibition in De Stallen, interviews with artists James Beckett, GPSters, Social Fiction and Mike Hoolboom, presentation by Michelle Teran.
37m26s until 1h02m38s
Duration: 25m12s

part 6
IMPAKT Festival 1999
RE: Collections
With: Willem van Weelden and Kodwo Eshun
1h02m38s until 1h06m48s (end)
Duration: 4m10s


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