New EMARE Resident Artists for 2020 and 2021

Clusterduck and Liliana Piskorska

The selection of EMARE (European Media Artists in Residence Exchange) artists of the European Media Art Platform (EMAP) has taken place. With the generous support of EU’s Creative Europe programme EMAP will host 22 European media artists and groups in the eleven countries of the EMAP members for two years in a row. IMPAKT is one of the 11 organizations in the EMAP network.

We are pleased to welcome the Clusterduck collective (Tommaso Cappelletti, Silvia Dal Dosso, Francesca Del Bono, Jules Durand, Arianna Magrini, Noel Nicolaus DE/FR/IT) as our 2020 resident artists and Liliana Piskorska (PL) as our 2021 resident artists in the EMARE programme.

In May 2020 Clusterduck will work on their #MEMEMANIFESTO project:

#MEMEMANIFESTO is both a printed book and a web-based project, and explores the occult meanings and communicative potentials of memetic symbology. #MEMEMANIFESTO is going to actively involve both Clusterduck’s own network(s) and the communities represented through the curatorial process. This will be accomplished by means of online interventions in forums, chatrooms and open boards, which will be documented and integrated into the book, forming the introduction to the single chapters. Clusterduck’s goal during the EMARE residency will be to finalize the necessary infrastructure (websites, chatrooms, visual assets etc.) to advance our project. At the same time, the collective will test single parts of the larger project in formats like workshops, seminars and participative lectures. The goal is to create a transmedia operation that is on-demand think-tank, digital archive, practical toolbook, IRL/URL performance and memetic grimoire at the same time.

In 2021, Liliana Piskorska will work on her project Gently Running Downwards:

Gently Running Downwards is an audio/video installation focusing on the polyphony and synchronicity of events, facts, ideas in the conspiracy discourse of post-truth, radical right, the theory of ‘cultural Marxism’. The keyword behind the idea of the project is the concept of ‘Deep Story” created by A. R. Hochschild, who explains how radical right wing political attitudes and social behaviors are created. ‘A deep story is a feels-as-if story—it’s the story feelings tell, in the language of symbols. It removes facts. It tells us how things feel.’ Thus, the concept of the ‘Deep story’ can show us the feelings behind the right wing wave flowing through Europe, and transforming this sociological concept into an object of art may improve what science cannot deal with: namely, showing what is emotional, subcutaneous, displaced. The installation will be the end result of a performative-research residency planned for the beginning of 2021, during which I will design a cycle of performative meetings aimed at processing emotionally the amplifying right wing discourse. Audio/textual materials, collected during meetings, research, interviews, will be transformed into an interwoven, bilingual audio layer of the EMARE installation.

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