GIF Open Call #3

Create a GIF for the 2022 Festival

Good GIFs are fun and smart. To further explore this rich visual language of our digital presence, IMPAKT launched an open call to artists and creators to send us their best GIFs reflecting on this years festival. This month’s winner: Chris Furby with the Number Cruncher.

Do you have an original idea for a GIF? Submit your GIF to before 26 September and your GIF might be featured in our newsletter.

The call is open to artists, photographers, designers, creators and anyone interested in sharing their work or have interest in animated GIF format. The call is open to people of any country, age, profession and nationality.

There is no entry fee.
The winning GIFs will be presented in our newsletter and the creator will receive fee of €200,-



How it works

1) Create
Design an original GIF or adapt your own existing work to respond on this years festival topic: The Curse of Smooth Operations. Feel free to be creative, even if it does not fit the topic/caption exactly 🙂

IMPAKT Festival 2022: The Curse of Smooth Operations:
At the centre of the IMPAKT Festival 2022 stands a proposition: THE MOST DISSATISFYING TECHNOLOGY OF ALL IS THE ONE THAT WORKS. We all know the feeling of dissatisfaction with technology that underperforms, behaves unpredictably or breaks down completely. From 2 to 6 November 2022, IMPAKT Festival invites its audience to embark on a train of thought that travels in the opposite direction: could it be that technology reveals itself at its most dissatisfactory precisely when it operates well or even exceeds expectations?

Read more about the iMPAKT Festival 2022

2) Submit
Send us your gif with a short description at

3) Selection
Each month we select a GIF of the month, which will be included in our newsletter, website and social media channels. If you are selected we will ask you for a sentence or two about you and your GIF.
Selected GIFs get an artist fee of €200.

4) Share
Has your GIF been selected? Spread your creation as widely as you can on your own social media and design platforms. You can also invite other artists, designers and creators to participate.

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