Experiments to engage and mix onsite and online audiences

This year, IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture] is involved in three research projects that experiment with new hybrid formats for public events. Within the multidisciplinary collaborations of the Innovation Labs, RAAK-SIA and DOORS programmes, IMPAKT will develop new technologies that will improve how we engage with our audiences, and visitors and participants can interact with each other, in hybrid events – online and onsite.

Hybrid Formats is about bridging the gap between online and offline. We aim to develop formats that will lower the threshold, for audiences and participants, that are physically or virtually present at art events to engage with each other. New technological innovations and playful approaches help people to interact, in casual and inspiring ways.

Over the last couple of years, the pandemic has accelerated the digitisation of how we consume culture. Online and hybrid events and exhibitions have proven to be very effective formats to engage wider, more international audiences. Though onsite events can again take place, there is great value in continuing the development of online and hybrid formats as a potentially sustainable way to reach audiences and organise international collaborations, to prepare for possible new pandemic-related restrictions, and as a way to connect with younger generations that spend more and more time online. But what is the best way to use the possibilities of new hybrid formats? Which challenges come along with these formats? How can we structure hybrid events and use new approaches and technologies to support engaging presentations of art, make our events as inclusive as possible and provide inspiring social experiences that connect people?

By investing time in researching audience engagement and interactive hybrid event formats, we do not only want to improve the technical qualities of our online and hybrid events, but also pay attention to the collective experience of the audience. Our main goal is to make hybrid events as valuable for both on- and offline audiences. 

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