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The Holidays are almost there, which means gathering around the Christmas tree with your friends and familie again after a nice meal. It also means that you have to think about presents, which could be a struggle. So let us help you with some inspiration for this years gifts:

Upcycling IMPAKT BAGS by Renske Versluis: 

These IMPAKT bags were created during the IMPAKT Festival 2020: Zero Footprint from recycled tarp of old IMPAKT outdoor promotion banners. To give these materials a new life, we collaborated with designer Renske Versluijs.

Each bag is unique and hand-made in Renske’s atelier at Hof van Cartesius, a test ground organised by creative entrepreneurs where work is undertaken according to circular principles.

We grouped the bags per year. If you are interested in purchasing a bag, scroll through the sliders here: each one is unique!

The Detective Wall Guide by Clusterduck

This book is not only a guide to Clusterduck Collective’s latest work, “The Detective Wall”. It is also your key to the unsettling, nonsensical, but ultimately liberating parallel universe called the memesphere.

Part of Clusterduck Collective’s new participative transmedia project, Meme Manifesto, the Wall is loaded with meanings, symbols, paintings and memetic fossils – joined together by a plot, but difficult to decipher. This book will guide you in the process, giving you precious hints.

Modern Love Festival 2021 Tote Bag

Limited edition 2021 Festival Merchandise. We all need one for our daily life. Easy to use for carrying your laptop, records, groceries and much more!

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