Save the Date: IMPAKT Festival 2024

DEAL WITH IT from 30 October to 3 November

The IMPAKT Festival 2024: DEAL WITH IT will take place from Wednesday 30 October to Sunday 3 November on different locations in Utrecht, including Het Huis Utrecht and IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture]. The festival will be a plea for radical, engaging and (self-)critical art.

It’s time to gauge the room: is there still enough space for friction and difference of opinion within the world of arts and culture? DEAL WITH IT looks at moments in which art sticks out its neck, leads the way and leads a counterculture. Do we still dare to take on conflictual attitudes in art and adjacent disciplines in a time of identity politics, elite capture and hyper-capitalism?

The festival offers a platform to makers who deliberately and authentically place themselves in risky positions, with inherently radical ideas. With DEAL WITH IT we celebrate the work of artists who reject prevailing dogmas and whose artistic practices are centered around ambiguity and confrontation.

The IMPAKT Festival 2024: DEAL WITH IT will be curated by Arjon Dunnewind (IMPAKT) and Ine Gevers (Niet Normaal).

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