Launch at IMPAKT Festival 2019

At this year’s festival we are thrilled to announce the launch of a project IMPAKT has been working on… BEYOND.

IMPAKT has developed a prototype of BEYOND, a web platform and app that can be used by festivals and art institutions to take their audiences further into the contents of the programmes they are organising.

BEYOND is a mobile app and web platform aiming to increase audience reach and enhance public engagement at Dutch art institutions before, during and after a cultural event or exhibition. BEYOND extends transient art events beyond a single encounter.

The BEYOND mobile app and synchronised web platform puts the control in the hands of our audience and allows them to engage with artists, speakers and curators in meaningful, interactive and inspiring ways. With BEYOND, the audience is able to immediately access video/audio guided tours by curators, discussions between experts, in-depth video interviews with artists and theorists, further reading and inspiring media, and the recordings of panels, lectures, performances and other programs they may have missed or simply want to see a second time.

The new possibilities we are creating with BEYOND are not only useful to IMPAKT, but will be of value for art institutions in and outside the Netherlands.

We are launching the prototype of the BEYOND platform at our IMPAKT Festival 2019. In 2020, we aim to further develop the platform and make it available to festivals, museums, galleries and other cultural organisations in the Netherlands.

Try the app out at the IMPAKT Festival and give your feedback to one of our experts! Click here for more information.

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