We Are Data


We Are Data

WE ARE DATA is a fellowship program between Cairotronica – Cairo Electronic and New Media Arts Festival – and the IMPAKT Centre for Media Culture. The 7-month long program builds on an exchange platform to create an interdisciplinary community in Egypt and the Netherlands that integrates emerging technologies with art and design. Through monthly workshops, meet-ups, mentorship and other activities WE ARE DATA proposes to expand on the answer of not only ‘how’ we use these technologies, but also ‘why’ we use them.


Before Internet and big data were created, our behavior remained analogue, and no trace was digitally archived. However, the ubiquitous role of new technologies has led to the transformation of every aspect of our behavior into information, taking us to become sets of data ourselves. What will happen now with the constant data hand over that is being determined more and more by artificial intelligence and algorithms? The program’s core offers diverse perspectives based on when the physical meets the digital, while exploring new ways of visualizing our current data driven society. We connect artists, technology experts, researchers, and designers in order to enrich and identify shared value in creative thought, artistic expression and interventions.

The core component of WE ARE DATA is a series of workshops by Dutch artists in Cairo. In the workshops young Egyptian artists will participate. In the workshops we will take the participants on a journey to analyze and better understand what is data and how is it being collected? What are the methodologies, tools and resources of data archiving? What are the myths around data? How can we support creativity, autonomy and agency in these processes?


Program outline

Between November 2019 and May 2020 there will be 6 workshops in Cairo. Each workshop is 4 days long, where 3 days will focus on conceptual, technical and theoretical lectures, discussions, and sessions, and the last day is for a final reflection. Throughout the program instructors will provide the participants supervision during the work and concept development. They will also give personalized feedback, advice and engage in discussion according to each participant’s needs. Each workshop includes mentorship and a monthly meetup, and participants will use one month to develop their own projects. The projects developed during this program will be exhibited at the third festival edition of Cairotronica in June 2020.


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