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#064 The Visual Manipulation Of The Mind

Curated by Annemarie Jansen, Bas Postmus, Félice Kuijntjes and Berber Humalda, students at Leiden University who curated this programme as part of their internship at IMPAKT.

This programme has been developed in relation to the IMPAKT annual theme of 2018: Post-Truth.

Moving images are, in their essence, a visual manipulation; a sequence of still images becomes a moving image.

In today’s digitized society images are quickly made, edited, manipulated and distributed. This brings us to the post-truth, people are so used to being manipulated that they don’t even take the time to consider whether something is true or not. A new world is created where every image is ripped out of context and used for the purpose of the message one wants to get across.

Projecten in dit programma

The Centrifuge Brain Project
Till Nowak
(DE 2011, 06:36 mins)
The “Centrifuge Brain Project” gives an insight on scientific experiments with amusement park rides. It is about our sometimes...
S-11 Redux: (Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse
(US 2002, 10:53 mins)
The Guerrilla News Network shows their concerns about the fusion of voices between news agencies and the government during wartime. 20...
Special Report
Brian Boyce
(US 1999, 3:57 mins)
Using footage from CNN and ABC news reports, Boyce possesses American news anchors with the spirits of old-time sci-fi who speak the...
Gerda Lampalzer & Manfred Oppermann
(DE 1997, 49:44 mins)
This documentary tells the story of a man in Germany who sees proof of paranormal activity in the disruption of videotapes. According to...
The Form of the Good
James T. Hong
(US 2005, 4:00 mins)
By combining the classical story of Plato’s cave with the contemporary images of the Iraq war this video shows that news is a...
Marco Brambilla
(US 2008, 3:22 mins)
This crazy video collage of miscellaneous footage from movies and television displays a different world that illustrates the various...
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