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#068 Love Stories

Curated by Cristina Sánchez.

Cristina created this programme in 2019 as part of his internship at IMPAKT, inspired by the eponymous IMPAKT Panorama programme of 2005.

Gabriel García Márquez wrote his book ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ with a special focus on love in various ways. Friendships, marriage, and forbidden love were influenced by the historical time where García Márquez’s characters are placed. Now, how is love in times of technology?


With the focus on love as a deep feeling that is perceived in different ways, this program tries to dive into different kinds of love through technology in the modern era. In contrast to just 15 year ago, the new technological developments shape our everyday lives and have a heavy influence in the way that we create and establish relationships nowadays. Almost all our interactions are formed through an interactive screen, in the shape of pictures, text messages, social media posts and more. And those interactions are not limited to close-distance friends and family. Chatting with strangers, and long-distance relationships are now possible thanks to the technological progress.

From romantic love to the longing nostalgia of a familiar childhood; the artists featuring this program present their unique ways to exhibit such a personal feeling mixed with the use of media. Love, sexuality, intimacy, etc. are personal feelings that have been affected by technological advances, not only with people close to us but with complete strangers as well. In the following films, we can perceive those different changes that love has been under the influence of the technological progress.

Projecten in dit programma

Time Travel Boyfriends
Josephine Halbert
(UK 2009, 10:09 mins)
Halbert creates a love letter to the historical men that she admires the most and imagines a romantic relationship with all of them....
Rocco Never Dies
Federico Solmi
(US 2005, 3:53 mins, trailer)
The glorification of loveless sex and porn as a modern way of love is what this tribute to popular porn star Rocco Sifredi is about. In...
Murder & UFOs
Brian MacDonald
(CA 2005, 20:18 mins)
What if Marilyn Monroe actually did not die? One of the most tragically public love stories in the recent past takes a different turn in...
Every (Movie, Sound, Image, Text) On My Cell Phone
Darrin Martin
(2009, 8:00 mins)
Another example of how our memories can blur together if we mix up, with no particular order or selection. The result is quite curious:...
What I’m Looking For
Shelly Silver
(US 2004, 2:14 mins, excerpt)
Online dating and revealing intimacies to strangers is the main theme of this film. The act of photographing strangers in the street...
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