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#069 Divergent Histories, Dissonant Wars

Curated by Gita Lalloo.

Gita created this programme in 2019 as part of her internship at IMPAKT, inspired by the IMPAKT Panorama programme of 2003 called 'Alternative Histories of Modern Conflict'.

“Never again shall a single story be told as though it were the only one.”
John Berger.


The following selection consists of works which subvert the dominant ideologies and discourses surrounding war, its legitimation, representation, and the ways in which it is mediated to us. The issues addressed by works included in it are still as pertinent today, as much as they were in 2003. Concerns addressed through the programme such as the media industrial complex, its complicity in the support of the U.S military industrial complex and the global implications of their intersection, are still relevant. In today’s new media environment, this programme is especially interesting to consider. We can now try to see and trace how the media as an industry has either been disrupted or further co-opted by various industries using new media technologies and platforms.

Another point to explore is what do these ‘alternative’ histories tell us? Can we identify who writes these histories? What happens when people are denied historical representation through images? Are the histories shown in this programme really ‘alternative’ or do they demonstrate the ‘true’ realities of modern conflict? When history is written by the victors, conceptions of what is considered as ‘alternative’ or ‘truth’ must be called into question.

Projecten in dit programma

Dismantling the Simulation
Miyö van Stenis
(VE 2014, 03:49 mins)
Dismantling the Simulation is an initiative of participatory visual activism. It was born as an experimental Facebook group La Meta es...
Enduring Freedom: The Opening Chapter
Klaus Obermeyer
(US 2005, 5:03 mins)
“In the year since the attacks of September 11, more than 80,000 men and women serving as Marines and Sailors have deployed outside...
Great Balls of Fire
Leon Grodski
(US 2001, 6:33 mins)
Jimmy, homeless in NYC on 911 commenting on the attack on the World Trade Centre (WTC). Calls the WTC the “Towers of Babylon”,...
Once you’ve shot the gun you can’t stop the bullet
Jayce Salloum
(CA 1988, 7:37 mins)
Shot between multiple locations including Vancouver, Beirut, Lebanon, Las Vegas (and many more), this work takes footage from each...
The Badass Women Photojournalists of Kashmir
The Quint
(IN 2019, 4:10 mins)
“The story doesn’t end after conflict or killing. The story starts after that.” A female perspective on the Kashmiri conflict.
What Barry Says
Simon Robson
(UK 2003, 2:58 mins)
Robson addresses the US and ‘War on Terror’ directly, as well as the military industrial complex which upholds it/necessitates it.
For Cultural Purposes Only
Sarah Wood
(UK 2009, 8:29 mins)
“When you say to someone “you’re history” it doesn’t mean that you’re a part of it; it means that you’re obliterated....
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