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#090 Interfacing With the Body

Critical analyses on the influence of technologies on our day to day interactions

With ambient digital interfaces taking over a large part of our day to day interactions, the need to critically analyse the influence of these technologies has become all the more apparent. More specifically, when technologies begin to play a rather important role in shaping ways and means of administering something as crucial as medical advice or procedures to help people in need, one may claim that these technologies probably do not remain so ambient anymore, being so closely involved with the functioning of our bodies.

Referring to American philosopher of science and technology Don Ihde’s theory on embodiment relations with technologies, which he describes as a particular kind of body-technology coupling characterized by the transformation of the human perception wherein  technology enters into the bodily, actional and perceptual relationship with the environment, something similar can be said for in the context of this theme as well (Wilken and Goggin 183). With technologies taking over more and more important roles when it comes to our physical bodies, the body-technology relationship becomes all the more complex.

Films in dit programma

Losing Sleep
Douglas Porter
(CA 1996, 14:27)
LOSING SLEEP presents interview footage of a self-confessed computer hacker who is struggling with chronic insomnia. His work on the...
Decay Part III: Body Conscious
Ann Hirsch
(US 2014, 10:37)
A film that deals with how various media technologies can potentially influence us to start thinking of ways to shape our online or...
See a Dog, Hear a Dog
Jesse McLean
(US 2016, 17:40)
This film probes the limits and possibilities of communication. Can we ever truly communicate with a machine, with a nonhuman animal,...
The Prediction Machine
Marleine van der Werf
(NL 2015, 15:11)
De Lange leads the ‘Predictive Brain Lab’ at Radboud University and his research focuses on how the predictions we continually make...
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